Showers and Wet rooms

Showers and wet rooms need to look elegant. You may not realise it, but a lot of time is spent in these areas and therefore you want to enjoy the surroundings. Glass is elegant and can be used in an array of designs that are sure to upgrade the look with ease.
Learn what can be done in your own home or business with our high-end glass work.
Stunning Glass Work
Explore the various designs so you can enjoy custom cut glass where you need it.
Whether you want a shower door, a slider, or simply a glass wall to walk behind, we are able to meet your desires.
It can be the ultimate way to add sophistication to a shower or wet room.
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Modern Styling
It’s time you think about how to modernise your shower or wet room and we have just the idea.
Let our design team create something unique for your room and enjoy a new look to your space.
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