Glass wall partitions

Glass wall partitions offer a stunning and creative way to divide space. This can be used in homes as well as businesses. We work with you to meet your needs, whether it includes glazing for privacy or even the inclusion of a door, as a way of creating an entire room.
Frameless Glass Partitioning Systems are a contemporary and clean wanting resolution very best for office refurbishments, new workplace fit outs and likewise to divide an area where there's restricted natural light or you're simply after a seamless look.
The system is constructed with an aluminium head and base observe  in a range of colours with the glazing fitted as desired for each individual installation.
With various door choices obtainable including full height doors, or standard peak doors with a thin body across the perimeter - we can design, provide and deliver the perfect system for the client’s needs. Standard height doorways are typically used extra in areas the place the client wishes to attain a higher acoustic score from room to room. 
Once the framework is in place, our professional glazing staff will attend site to measure the required glass and return to fit. For security manifestations is applied to the glass panels in order that the glass is well identified.
This can be offered in plenty of standard kinds (for example hit or miss dots or squares),  or if preferred with your individual logo or company wording.  
Glass walled rooms radiate more space compared to traditional block walled rooms. Including a glass wall to your facility can let you create brighter interiors and exploit nearby natural gentle sources. 
They add a modern look and feel to a building and can be fitted new or retrospectively to most modern structures. Glass is a superb material that balances out performance and durability with a natural attractiveness. Glass walls provide an alternative walling or partition resolution in your sports activities and educational services and provide secure viewing areas the place physical protection is needed. 
We are able to offer the glazed office partitioning as well. The modules are built with framework in a choice of colours and crammed with clear laminate safety glass.
A variety of glazes modules are available, relying on the requirements of the consumer, and will be single-glazed, single-glazed with blinds, double-glazed or double-glazed with integral blinds on management knobs.
crisp and clear
There’s something quite elegant about glass as a partition because it is crisp and clear.

It offers a modern look within a home or business that cannot be replaced with any other material.
Let us show you what our team is capable of.
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